Free the Röszke 11!

On the 15th of september 2015 demonstrations started at the Horgoš-Röszke border crossing, which continued until the next day. Several hundred people protested and eventually managed to cross the border, only to be attacked by special and regular police forces, which indiscriminately beated up people in the crowd.

After this clash 11 people were arbitrarily arrested and accused with charges ranging from illegal border crossing to terrorism! Nine of them were aready released, while two are still in prison in Hungary: Yamen A. sentenced to 3 years and Ahmed H. senteced to 10 years for acts of terrorism.

This case is one of many horrible cases within the ongoing European migration policy when individual lives are destroyed. It is crucial because it reveals the absurdity of European politics of migration, the repression of the EU border regime and the oppressive politics which lie behind the ‘innocent’ idea of state institutions particularly.  Focusing on Ahmad’s trial and the sentences of the others its important to not see Hungary as the (most) “evil“ EU-state but to unmask the fences-and-prisons-system of criminalization and humiliation as it is-  the core of every state institution and the very essence of a EuropeanUnion, thats seeks to be a ‚democratic‘ fortress.

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