Nea Kavala – pushed into military camp without running water

IMG_1051Nea Kavala is a camp about 25km from Idomeni and located by Polykastro. It was build on an formerly military base an can accommodate about 5000 people. On an grassland with gravel paths sprawls an enclosed tent camp, which does not conform with an minimum standard. There are neither trees nor bushes, which could provide a bit shade. At the entrance a sign is IMG_1038emblazoned, that says, that this camp was financed by the EU. Instead of Toilets, this camp has only mobile toilets and the water supply just works from time to time. In the entrance area you can find big water tanks, filled by military, which supply the taps in the camp. There is never cold water, because it heats up in the tanks made out of metal. Almost cynically a flag of the NGO ’save the children‘ waves over all this failing between fences and barbed wire.

P1160552A Yezidish boy from the camp tells us, that at the beginning 4500 people have been in the camp, now there are just 1500 left. Where they went, he does not know. In the camp live mainly Kurdish, Yezidish and a few Syrian people. A lot of them were brought directly, after their arrival in Greece, to this camp and are since then many months there. Besides ’save the children‘, there are six more NGO’s in the camp. Also the UNHCR, but the do not do anything, says the boy.

A family reports us on the bad accommodation. Washing clothes is hardly possible, our drinking water is warm, criticizes a gesturing young mother. Everyone gets sick or insane. The son has to run around without trousers, because there is nothing in the camp. Unanimously they underline, that this is no life.

IMG_1043In the burning heat, without running water and shade, this camp shows clearly again, how German and European politics dash hopes, tear families, and destroy whole lives. Resigned a boy tells us, that they got their papers, which allow them to buy a house and go to a public school. But no one there could afford an own house, so they still have to live in the camp. He says, that there is also a IMG_1046school in the camp, but it opens just two times a week. Next is a football ground, where frequently matches take place, tells us his older brother, who is on his way to his next match. Every now and then there is an announcement through the loudspeakers in the camp. They want to go to Germany, but Germany does not want any refugees, resumes the boy.

P1160555In this camp as well, many tell us about family members, who are already somewhere else in Europe. A mother explains to us, that her son came underage to Germany. He will get 18 years old soon, so that the period for the following of the family is elapsed. A man from Syria reports on that seven of his siblings are already in Germany and two sisters are in Bahrain.

IMG_1014Everyone we asked about the relocation program, did not even know this program. This shows again, that the contra program of the EU to open borders is not even construed for being available for everyone. More the mapping to camps decide about no or minimalistic chances for a perspective.

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