Tear down fortress europe – Yallah!


This morning we arrived in Greece. Our first stop will be the No Border Camp in Thessaloniki.

4 months passed since we left Greece – shortly before the so called Balcan route was offically closed. In the meantime we observed the changes from Germany. The situation now differs completely from the one we saw before. The camp Idomeni has been evicted and there are still thousands of people stuck in Greece who are now forced to look for different, more dangerous routes.

The circumstances under which the people are forced to stay in the camps are described as devastating by the refugees. We want to get a comprehensive picture of the changes and to meet up again with a few friends we got to know during our last trip.

Moving Europe published a map of the positions of different refugee camps being partially run by military. We want to visit several of them to get an idea of the situation of the people staying there. http://moving-europe.org/mapping-of-refugee-camps-in-northern-greece/

Feeling a bit queasy, we get on the way…

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